A Sea of Stars - Ch. 2 - Borealis

     of light even the 
      smallest grain
     of         sand
    has           the


    to destroy the world

A dull metallic banging cut through the air, the sound of fists hitting metal. “Lillian, wake up! You’re going to be late.”

Lillian jerked awake and sat up far too quickly, banging her head on the top of her bunk.

“That dream again,” she mumbled to herself. “I haven’t had that one in years.”


So I've been writing...

Over a year ago now, I decided that I want to write. Not the little things that I’ve been publishing here, but full novels. Twelve months and more than a million words later, I think that it’s about time to start posting them here. First up, I have A Sea of Stars, my try at science fiction. I’ve edited it somewhat, but it’ll probably still be rough at times. Feel free to leave comments about either content or grammar.