I am a writer. I wrote my first novel in 2011. I’ve started 14 more since then, finishing about half of those. One of these days I’ll actually try to find someone to publish them (or just do it myself). Onward!

(If anyone would like to be a beta reader, feel free to drop me a line).

Chapter 2 - Writings in Silver

Andi awoke the next morning, sure that the entire night’s activities had been a dream. Sure, she couldn’t particularly remember how she had gotten to bed–or even how she had gotten home, if her memories of the bookstore and the train were not to be believed.

But it had all been too ridiculous. A book that had somehow followed her home. The feeling of falling, even if it hadn’t come back. The man on the train; had he even been related to all the rest of it? A book that her cat irrationally hated–and she couldn’t even read. Writing that wasn’t writing, at least until it was.

And that title.

Computational Demonology


Chapter 1 - The Book

It all started with a book.

It didn’t look terribly out of place–it was a book store after all–and Andi’s eyes just slid right over it at first. But something drew them back.


Spring NaNoWriMo – So close...

During the month of March, I wrote 46,625 towards my newest novel. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m writing this one by hand, so it’s a bit slower going than typing, albeit with less distractions. So falling less than 10% shy of the (admittedly pretty arbitrary) NaNoWriMo target isn’t too bad. And I did hit my own goal of six hand written pages per day (I got 6.01). So none too shabby.

Where do we go from here?


March Madness NaNoWriMo - Halfway there

Two weeks (and change) ago I started writing a March version of NaNoWriMo ((Yes, it’s not really national, but it is a novel writing month, so I guess just NoWriMo?)), written long hand in a notebook rather than typed. I thought I’d just give a quick status update for that, since I haven’t actually been posting it daily this time around.


My personal (NaNoWriMo) March Madness

Back when I finished my last NaNoWriMo, I said that I’d be starting a new writing project within a couple of weeks. Well, here we are. It’s more than a couple of weeks later–a bit short of two months actually. Unfortunately, I haven’t really written much. There was a short story and a few other blog posts and that’s about it. But that’s not what I want to do. I want to write.


Observers on Cydonia

They came without warning.

After so many years of finding nothing, the scientists had given up hope of ever finding life on Mars. Despite all of the probes, all of the rovers, Mars seemed destined to remain a dead planet.

Spirit had been silent for years and it seemed that Opportunity would so follow on in its sister’s wake. Curiosity soldiered onward, drilling and lasering its way across the dusty ground.

Each week it seemed, there was some new discovery; compounds from meteorites that revealed how the early solar system had come to be, ancient rocks that could only have been shaped by flowing water, deep in the red planet’s shadowed path.

But never the Holy Grail, the one thing everyone wished for, even if they could no long admit to it in public.

Never signs of life.

Never the slightest hint that Earth may not have been unique in the universe.


All good things...

…must eventually come to an end.

Well, at least I hope that this qualifies as a good thing. It’s the end either way. 😄


Confession - Day 74

163 - al-Eizariya


…and licked my face.

It was such a surprising yet so absolutely doggy thing to do that I barked out a laugh; I just couldn’t help it.


Confession - Day 73

159 - al-Eizariya

PRESENT DAY I could see the two of them struggling for control, each trying to force the Cup from the other.

So far as I knew, Lazarus was still mostly human–albeit able to appear and disappear in a most unsettling manner. Mr. Average on the other hand… not so much. He definitely had something going on in the supernatural department.