2023 Year in Reviews

And so another year passes. I’ve been doing these for quite a :

…so I think perhaps you get the idea.

All together, I love collecting data and I find it interesting to take a moment to look through what all I’ve done in the year. And hopefully–you find it interesting as well!

Overall, it’s been quite a year for reviews! This year I

It’s so silly to see some stats like that. I love it. So let’s break it down a bit more!

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2022 Year in Reviews

Another year’s over… and a new one just begun. In years past, I’ve done a seperate post for my 2021 Reading Retrospective and 2021 TV & Movies Retrospective, but… that seems silly. Let’s do them all together this year!

In summary:

  • 126 total books: 40 graphic novels, 52 audiobooks, and 8 short stories / children’s books)
  • 24 seasons of TV shows
  • 31 movies
  • 2245 (!) plays across 207 different board games, 88 of them new to me!
  • 45 different games played on Steam, 29 of them new to me

I really should add board games and Steam games to my lists. Not sure how to do that though. We’ll see.

Table of Contents


2021 TV & Movies Retrospective

I do a post each year on books, but this year I also started reviewing movies and TV shows! I have absolutely no idea how much value people get out of this (and I’d love to hear from you), but I enjoy doing it, so I’m not going to stop any time soon. :D In any case, it’s been a good year for movies and TV! Overall, I watched: 55 movies


2021 Reading Retrospective

Well. That was a year. Covid, take 2. A new job. A new baby. I didn’t quite make my 200 books this year (I didn’t quite even make it to 1/2 days), but that’s okay. I still read a giant pile. :D

Some stats:

  • 179 books read: 1 every 2.04 days (almost!)
  • 47,236 pages read: roughly 130 pages/day
  • 29 audiobooks, 96 graphic novels, 18 children’s chapter books, 18 non-fiction
  • 56 unique authors (top were Hajime Isayama, Patricia Briggs, Warren Ellis, and Neil Gaiman)
  • 19 series (top were Attack on Titan, Mercy Thompson/Alpha & Omega, Sandman, and Runelords)

Shortest: The Shepherd's Tale with 56 pages, longest: The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition with over 1000. That feels like cheating though, so let’s go with Rhythm of War at 1270 / Crafting Interpreters at 865. 😄

The most read book I read this year was 1984 with 5 million others reading it (on Goodreads alone; I was working on my earliest backlog). Least popular: Tales of Nezura: Book 1: The Zevolra with only 39. It … wasn’t bad. Give it a try?

Overall, I gave 119 five-star ratings, 45 four-star, 7 three-star, and less than 10 other ratings. I’ve come to the realization over the last year that I tend to like just about everything. Books in particular, they’re only on my list if I think I’d find them interesting, so of course, they’ll be rated highly…

Not bad.


2020 Reading Retrospective

Well. That was a year. I went kind of nuts this year and read 239 books. Granted, that includes graphic novels (they’re shorter and read quickly, but they’re still definately books) and books I read with my children. But it’s still a total of 68k pages, averaging 285 pages per book. An average of 186 pages per day. Not bad at all. Some more statistics:

  • 239 books, 95 non-graphic novels/children’s books
  • 110 graphic novels, 120-371 pages, average was 174
  • 34 children’s books, 48-352 pages, average was 163
  • 26 audiobooks
  • 31 different series, 27 books were not in a series
  • 51 different authors, 24 had one book each, highest was 35 (Fables), average was 4.7 books / author

Not bad.


2019 Reading List Retrospective

Another year older and another year of reading. I set myself the entirely insane goal of 120 books this year–10 a month–almost one every three days. And for most of the year, I was actually hitting that goal. And then October hit, with a pile of birthdays. And November, with NaNoWriMo (still going strong at just over 120k words; I should be done in the next day or two). And then the holidays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Not really an excuse. More of an explination.

Alltogether, I read 113 books this year. One of those I finished today…

I don’t think I’ll do that again next year. Perhaps we’ll go for 100 again and try to hold to ten books a year up through October. That seems much more manageable now…


2017 Reading List Retrospective

Another year of reading. I easily beat my official goal of 50 with 84 books (finished the last one) a few hours before the end of the year). Unfortunately, it still feels like something of a failure, down from my original 100 book year and last year’s 91. Yes, I’m just crazy enough that 84 books in a year feels like a failure. 😄

A few stats:

  • The shortest book I read this year was The Eleventh Metal at 14 pages
  • The longest was Beyond the Shadows at 689 pages
  • My overall average was 338 pages per book and 77 per day
  • My average rating was 4.5 with 14 three stars and 18 four stars (the rest were fives)1
  • I listened to 21 books on audiobook (all Discworld novels, so that’s almost my most by a single author or in a single series)
  • I borrowed a good number of them from our local library system; Overdrive is wonderful


2016 Reading List Retrospective

Once again, a crazy goal. This year, I officially set a goal of 50 books. Unofficially, I was still trying to read 100 books. Almost made it.

Overall, I read 91 books, totaling 35,154 pages (an average of ~96 pages per day). Still a bit of a range on length, from The Nameless City at only 23 pages up to 995 in White Sand. An average of 386 per book comes in just 2 shy of last year, so I think the short stories still count. 😄


2015 Reading List Retrospective

I 2015, I set myself an ambitious slightly insane reading goal: 100 books.

My final count: exactly 100 books (from ~30 different series), totaling 38,048 pages. There were a few short stories in there (Pimpf by Charles Stross was the shortest at 25 pages) to offset a couple epic fantasies (1,048 pages in Brandon Sanderson's Words of Radiance). Overall, I averaged 388 pages/book, which sounds about right to me.