[Factorio: SE-K2-BZ; Hours 14-24] Starting trains

Been a bit. I … did not realize just how much a bit though. 10 hours? I must have left it running at some point… really I must have. 😄

In any case, the big change this time has been a massive extension of the main bus (about double) along with initial implementation of a gigantic rail network.

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[Factorio: SE-K2-BZ; Hours 8-13] Making a bus

You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you? Well, yeah. It took a while, but I’m still here!

The main reason that it took so long is… I got sick of spaghetti. I like building like that, but for something the scale of what I’m attempting, it just doesn’t work.

Enter: the main bus:

The map: zoomed out

Or as a rendered view with mapshot (I was planning to include that, but the output is a few hundred MB. Perhaps in another post).

The map: rendered

Off we go to the east. As I mentioned in the first post, there are no biters on Nauvis, so I’m safe to do whatever is needed until I get off world.

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[Factorio: SE-K2-BZ; Hours 1-7] Hello world

Factorio is an absolute masterpiece of a game. It’s perfect for a brian like main that loves to build things up, solve problems, and make things work. Perhaps too perfect. To date, I’ve put almost 2000 hours into the game over a number of runs, getting more complicated each time. Most recently, I’ve started a heavily modded run based around Space Exploration (adds planets!), Krastorio2 (designed to work with SE, think of it as Factorio++), LTN (automatic trains), Rampant (better enemies, although disabled on Nauvis), and the entire Brevven suite of a half dozen additional materials. If you’d like a full list of mods, I’ve included one at the end of this post.

It should be fun. 😄

I figured this time around, I should actually post my progress. Probably not straight up videos, although that’s a possibility at some point, but rather screenshots and perhaps a few short clips. If you’re interested, take a look, drop me a line. I’d love to chat about it. If not, just skip over it. This is as much for me (supplemental memory go!) as anything. 😄

A gif

It’s it just so much fun to watch?