White Sand, Volume 3 (White Sand #3)

Onward and conclusionward! All the political machinations to save the Sand Masters (and himself) are coming to a head. It’s a fine enough central plot, even if the random assassinations / friend that doesn’t get along well with his father / scientist from the other side of the world / bodyguard that hates you and you have to win over subplots really do get to be a bit random and disorientating.

That’s really a problem with the whole set of graphic novels though and–if I remember correctly–I had the same problem with the prose version years ago. It’s not a deal breaker, but I feel like the whole thing could be cleaned up.


White Sand, Volume 2 (White Sand #2)

One of the things that I feared most about getting into these stories is the big ‘art style change’. I see it. It’s definately different. But having read all manner of graphic novels over the last year–some change far more dramatically than this. They’re similar enough that I barely even noticed for the most part.

And it still is quite beautful:


White Sand, Volume 1 (White Sand #1)

White Sand has something of an odd story. It’s the first novel Sanderson finished (and also the 7th, a complete rewrite), but in prose form was never published. You can get it if you ask him (I think signing up for the newsletter? It’s been a few years) and I read it back in 2016.

Now though, the same story has been actually published as a three volume set of graphic novels. Having gotten rather more into graphic novels over the last year, of course I had to give it a try, so here we go!