Transmetropolitan, Vol. 4: The New Scum (Transmetropolitan #4)

Mostly, it’s a story about interviewing the candidates for election and answering that age old ‘which is the lesser evil’ sort of question. Or I suppose in this question, can Spider find enough to convince him not to go outright nuclear on both of them and screw the world over even worse?

It’s fascinating seeing both women in the cast now. Bit weird.


Transmetropolitan, Vol. 2: Lust for Life (Transmetropolitan #2)

Whelp. Spider Jerusalem is here to stay, at least for the time being. All around, it’s a look at the worst (and sometimes the best) the future might have to offer, through the brightly colored, mismatched lenses of ‘journalism’. Which mostly means inserting himself into people’s lives whether they want him to or not and occasionally making the situation better because of it.

This time around, we have a look into what it means to be human (does that include atomizing yourself into a sentient cloud of fog?), what do you do with cryogenically frozen bodies you can wake up–but don’t need or want, the idea of ‘reservations’ taken to an extreme, and the fallout that comes from being just a bit too famous.