Sons of the Oak (The Runelords #5)

Sons of the Oak is an odd one. After saving the world in Lair of Bones, Gaborn and Iome are loaded with enough metabolism to curse them to die in the next few years–which ends up happening relatively early on. That of course leaves a power vacuum. There are those who would love to see the Earth King’s son take the crown–and just as many who’d rather see him dead and take power of their on. On top of that, there’s a whole new level of darkness in the world. From Loci to strengi-saats, it’s an ever darkening world, with the Torch of Humanity having been passed down to the next generation.

I don’t think I’ve actually finished this book before. The time skip made it hard to read and I just moved on. But this time around, I’ve actually really enjoyed it. We’ll have to see how it continues. I think reading it as an audiobook has helped. It just keeps going unless you actually stop rather than stopping unless you push on.


The Lair of Bones (The Runelords #4)

The Lair of Bones David Farland The Lair of Bones is an epic and fitting conclusion1 to the Runeslords saga. It takes the story of Gaborn and Raj Ahten, of Runelords and reavers, of elemental powers and far darker things, and brings it all together in a series of rather epic journeys and battles, culminating with an epic–if bittersweet–victory of light over dark, of good over evil. Or does it?


Wizardborn (The Runelords #3)

Man these stories keep escalating. It’s really kind of impressive. From the story of a powerful invading lord to bugs from the depths of the Earth to dark magic, super powerful evil beings from another world, and perhaps even worse… Man there’s a lot here.

On top of that, we’re digging a lot more into the various magic systems of this universe. Averan is Earth Wizardborn and can eat the brains of Reavers to learn from them , which gives us a much better idea of how the Revears work internally. We’re seeing a lot more about the Air powers, along with the continued Earth (Gaborn) and Fire (Raj Ahten). Even Water, although that’s a bit more subtle thus far (which fits).


Brotherhood of the Wolf (The Runelords #2)

Wooo boy things ramp up.

After The Runelords, with the invasion by uber powerful Raj Ahtan, finally driven off by the rise of Earth King Gaborn, it was hard to believe that we could ramp up even far. Now Gaborn is coming into his powers, while Raj Ahtan has to figure out how to strike back and/or regroup.