Jade War (The Green Bone Saga #2)

“I need to talk to Zapunyo myself,” Hilo insisted. “A misunderstanding > between friends is okay. A misunderstanding between enemies isn’t.”

Jade War is the followup to the excellent Jade City, dealing with the ongoing war between the clans (read: crime families) of Kekon, the stories of the Kaul family running it, and expanding into a number of other nations and how they’re dealing with the expansion of the Jade trade and the aforementioned war.


Jade City (The Green Bone Saga #1)

A man who wears the crown of a king can’t wear the jade of a warrior. Gold > and jade, never together.

Take a mix of Chinese/Japanese culture, an almost modern setting (it sometimes feels like the 20s and sometimes like the straight modern day), magic based on how much Jade you’re wearing (but only if you’re from a bloodline that can use it–or have taken drugs that let you pretend you are), and throw in a country controlled by a pair of rival equivalents to the Mafia/Yakuza and you have Jade City.