Dog Men

There are two wolves within every man… One represents our greatest capacities–compassion, courage, reason. The other embodies our base emotions –pride, anger, hatred. At every moment of every day, they battle for control of us. But it is we who determine which one win.


Just depends on which one you feed…


Down Town

It’s more Dresden at least!

It wasn’t great, but we get a lot more of Molly in her apprentice level, which I feel was somewhat skipped over in the novels.


War Cry

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: War Cry The second new Dresden comic!

It almost feels like a bottle episode in that it’s very limited in scope, but the action and explosions certainly would have cost a fair penny. There’s something underhanded going on, an attack by hundreds of red court vampires, and Dresden coming into his role as a mentor warden. It’s pretty good.


Ghoul Goblin

Welcome to the Jungle was new, but an introduction. Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Storm Front, Volume 2: Maelstrom and The Dresden Files: Fool Moon, Volume 2 are adaptations of previous works I’ve read a number of times. But Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin? NEW CONTENT!

It’s interesting seeing introductions over and over again. I know the books do the same, but for some reason it feels different in a comic. Perhaps because I’m reading them relatively quickly?


Fool Moon

Fool Moon, but as a comic book/graphic novel!

It’s one of two novel adaptations (Storm Front being the other) and I think the weaker of the two. Still a lot of fun though.


Welcome to the Jungle


It’s certainly a bit different–there’s less room to breath and less freedom to imagine the characters as you want, but on the other hand, it’s more Dresden Files!