The Hand of Oberon (The Chronicles of Amber #4)

Heredity or environment? I wondered wryly. We were all of us, to some degree, mad after his fashion. To be honest, it had to be a form of madness, to have so much and to strive so bitterly for just a little more, for a bit of an edge over the others. He carried this tendency to its extreme, that is all. He was a caricature of this mania in all of us. In this sense, did it really matter which of us was the traitor?

This time around, Corwin et all go to the Primal Pattern (because that’s a thing now) and manage to figure out what could have caused the Black Road and all the troubles that’s been causing them. We proceed to get a pile more backstory / world building from Dworkin ( Who is apparently Corwin's grandfather? ) and head off for some fun™ in the Courts of Chaos.


The Guns of Avalon (The Chronicles of Amber #2)

Now I had to find a place, a place resembling another place – one which no longer existed. I located the path. I took it.

In Nine Princes in Amber , Corwin attacked his brother Eric in Amber. He lost and was blinded and thrown in prison. Conveniently, Princes of Amber have a remarkable ability to heal . On top of that, Dworkin (who created the Trumps and knows more about the Pattern than probably anyone) just so happens to be locked up as well and pops into his cell. . One thing leads to another, and Corwin is free. Of course he wants to take another crack at the throne. How though?