The Boys, Volume 11: Over the Hills with the Swords of a Thousand Men (The Boys #11)

Spoiler: NSFW

Well holy crap. That’s quite the penultimate story… we get a number of showdowns we’ve been looking for this entire time, between Butcher and Homelander and between the Boys and any number of supes. And we get one hell of a twist that I’ll admit I didn’t at all see coming. And like all the best of twists, it explains so much, while at the same time turning everything on it’s heads.


The Boys, Volume 5: Herogasm (The Boys #5)

Warning: NSFW

Once a year, the comics run a big teamup event where all the superheroes get together to save the world from a terrible threat. Except… of course they don’t. Instead, they go to an island resort and have a giant super-orgy.