The Borrowers Avenged (The Borrowers #5)

That’s a bit of an odd ending.

On one hand, it’s another Borrowers story. They find another place to live and do tiny Borrower things to make themselves feel at home. It’s amusing how very much it changes for them, when really the entire series probably takes place over a few square miles at most.


The Borrowers Aloft

A cute addition to the series. The Borrowers have made it to Little Fordham. We get a bit of backstory about the maker of the tiny town and of course there’s a baddie making a town of his own. The Borrowers get Borrowernapped, they learn how to make a balloon, and they soar back home.

There’s a lot to like about this series, especially the miniature worlds and how the Borrowers can use any manner of things in ways we never intended them. It’s a fun world.


The Borrowers Afloat (The Borrowers #3)

That’s a cute little addition to the Borrower’s world. After being ousted from their first home to live out of doors for a book, the Borrowers get another chance at ‘civilization’, this time even with family around! But alas, all is soon to end and off they go on another adventure, trying to find another life.

It’s a fun story, full of tiny adventures. While again, the ending and the frame story are by far the weakest parts of these books, they’re still great fun and well worth the read.

The Borrowers Afield (The Borrowers #2)

“It’s so awful and sad,” she once admitted to Tom Goodenough, “to belong to > a race that no sane person believes in.”

The Borrowers was delightful, introducing us to a family of tiny ‘Borrowers’ who live in the floor, ‘borrow’ all manner of tiny things, and try their best to keep their existence a secret. Unfortunately, that all comes to an end at the end of book 1, sending them off into the great outdoors.


The Borrowers (The Borrowers #1)

“…Borrower’s don’t steal."

“Except from human beings,” said the boy.

Arrietty burst out laughing; she laughed so much that she had to hide her face in the primrose. “Oh dear,” she gasped with tears in her eyes, “you are funny!” She stared upward at his puzzled face. “Human beans are for Borrowers - like bread’s for butter!”

Well that’s a wonderful, fun book. Tiny people that live under the floor and steal Borrow whatever they need to survive/thrive from the ‘human beans’ that live in the house above.