Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon

Franny, you are the genuine article. You are solid. You are certain. You are like a refrigerator. You hum.

Francine Poulet is the greatest Animal Control Officer in Gizzford County and now she has to go up against her own worst enemy: self doubt, panic attacks, and facing your fears. Also a ghost racoon. But that’s not really what the story is about.


Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?

I’ve started reading chapter books to my children at night. They get to chose (from what we have) and this is where we begin. I don’t think I could have chosen a better first book.

Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln? tells the story of Baby Lincoln striking out on her own, taking a Necessary Journey by train to… well, it doesn’t really matter in the end, does it? (Fluxom. They’re going to Fluxom.)