Saga, Vol. 9 (Saga #9)

And so it ends… [for now?]( saga-coming-back). I didn’t realize the 9 volumes out were the first half of the planned story arc. Without getting into spoilers… holy crap that’s a cliffhanger!!! At least I’ve already skipped two years of waiting?

Overall, a lot of things come to an end. Hazel and Squire are growing up and fighting (as you do):


Saga, Vol. 8 (Saga #8)

Man this universe just keeps getting more and more surreal. That’s what you get where Sci-Fi is real, Fantasy is real, and you want to really explore just what it means to be people.

You get owl people:


Saga, Vol. 7 (Saga #7)

Oh these poor poor people. The main family. The Will. All of them. Man this series got depressing.

But for the moment, let’s back up a bit.


Saga, Vol. 6 (Saga #6)

Man this story just keeps going and going. It’s mostly interesting to see how the relationships between characters you never at first thought would interact well grow and change.

Saga continues to paint pictures of modern world problems, such as how homosexual relationships are treated:


Saga, Vol. 5 (Saga #5)

This is a pretty great addition to the Saga tale. We start out with everyone seperated and see all the tirls and tribulations they have to go through to get back together. It’s still the perfect blend of entirely-too-real, absolutely mad and surreal worldbuilding, and underlying themes that really make you think.

For example, the Wisdom of Ghüs:


Saga, Vol. 4 (Saga #4)

First one not on comiXology unlimited. Worth it.

Man this one was crazy. Everything is changed, a pile of major and minor characters that we’d been getting to know are dead, the parents are separated (minor spoiler, but it really comes down to the how that’s the big part; I didn’t see that coming).


Saga, Vol. 3 (Saga #3)

They just keep getting better! Against the backdrop of a universe gone mad with all manner of weird beings trying to kill them… you have people that feel so real, with all the ‘real’ problems that come with it:

Dealing with the MIL:


Saga, Vol. 2 (Saga #2)

The story continues! We have the core family and the out inlaws on the run in a wooden rocketship, trying to lose all manner of bounty hunters and the war between their species behind. Oh, this is a story.



Saga, Vol. 1 (Saga #1)

I’ve been meaning to read these for a while, they have some of the best reviews among graphic novels ever, they have a fantastic premise (a fantasy world IN SPACE), and they’re on comiXology Unlimited. What better time than the present?

Overall: they live up to expectations. There’s a lot more ‘human’ to the story than I expected, revolving around the costs of war and the first stages of bringing a new baby into the world. I mean, heck. It starts with childbirth: