Chasm City

Chasm City takes a bit of a step sideways from Revelation Space, which on more reading makes perfect sense. It’s not a sequel but rather a novel set in the same universe, a bit earlier in the timeline.

From the worldbuilding perspective, this extends and deepens what came earlier in Revelation Space, in particularly giving us a few insights into how early colonies could have been created in a universe without faster than light travel, the origins of the Melding Plague, and more backstory about Chasm City. All around, a very interesting world. It’s a relatively grim possible future, but a well imagined one.


Revelation Space (Revelation Space #1)

Nice bit of science fiction to kick off the new year.

Where Revelation Space really shines is showing a future that humanity might just see if we take several of the trends in current technology and thoughts that futurists hold about how the world might entail and dial them up even further.