Redwall: The Graphic Novel (Redwall #1.1)

Oh, that’s a great story. I read it long ago and listened to it a couple years ago. It’s a great story of animals basically doing the human thing in and around an abbey run by mice. It’s great fun so long as you don’t think too long and hard about which animals are sentient and which aren’t and how the vast differences in scale and lack of opposable thumbs could possibly work… but other than that, it’s great fun.

Formatwise, I’ve read a few graphic novel adaptations of novels and usually they feel a little lackluster (White Sands and Storm Front as two examples), but if anything was going to work, this was it. It’s already a lighter fantasy world with lots of light riddles and actions and over the top characters that fit just fine with graphic novels. And it pays off. As an introduction to this world, it’s a great alternative. It’s just so fun to see pictures of how someone else saw all of the characters from this world.

Well worth the read.


Mariel of Redwall (Redwall #4)

Mariel of Redwall takes place between Mossflower and Redwall and once again splits the story, this time between Mariel, daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker on a quest for vengence and a(nother) sea rat attack on Mossflower Abbey.

In a lot of ways, these stories are rather formulaic. There always seem to be two plots: one threatening the abbey, and the other a quest guided by mysterious verse, with Martin’s sword along for the ride. That being said, they’re still wonderfully fun and whimsical stories and the repetitiveness is actually really nice when I’m primarily listening to them while walking/running/driving various places. Deep, attention seeking books these are not. Light fun tales of various woodland animals killing one another in the name of peace… :D


Mossflower (Redwall #2)

Huh. That was actually really good.

Pick-a-lock, Pick-a-lock, you’ll regret the day,
When you took a mouse thief and locked him away,
Silly cat, look at that, it’s two for one,
A thief and a warrior, by dawn will be gone.


Redwall (Redwall #1)

Redwall is a wonderful little tale.

It’s the tale of an abbey in the woods and the various woodland creatures who inhabit it (in a world seemingly devoid of humans). It’s a tale of good and evil. Of peaceful creatures and the times when peace is no longer enough. It’s a tale of piracy and plundering, of those with power taking whatever they wish from those without. It’s a tale of a prophecied warrior, and the tiny mouse ready to step into much larger shoes to do what’s right to protect his friends.