A solid ending to a solid series. I think that I liked it more than Deadline, but less than Feed, owing entirely to one thing: George.

Yup, she’s back. Literally the last thing that happens in Deadline gets fleshed out (heh) in Blackout as we alternate once again between Shaun’s and Georgia’s viewpoints. It’s fairly obvious what’s happened (and a neat extension of what we already know about the zombie virus), but that doesn’t mean I was still rooting for her nevertheless.



I was curious to see where Grant would take this, after killing off a small pile of main characters in the first book. It turns out: somewhere right between what I expected and what I didn’t expect at all.

On one hand, Shaun is crazy now. He hears George’s voice in his head and answers her out loud. Everyone around him of course thinks he’s crazy, but they mostly seem to give him space. I’m not sure what I think about that. Shaun is still probably my least favorite of the main characters from the first book, which is certainly suboptimal, given that he’s the only one to survive… (Also, the Coke fixation is weird.) But why does everyone else keep him around?




In the future, zombies are here and bloggers have taken over the world.