Mr. Robot: Season 2 (Mr. Robot #2)

After Season 1 wrapped up, where do you even go from there? They finished their big goal. Dealing with the fallout is the obvious answer… or ramping things up even further. We get a bit of both in Season 2, mostly with even more big twists from Elliot’s entirely confusing mind but also a plot that is both deeper and more terrifying than I would have thought at first.

It’s not quite as solid as Season 1, in most part because it’s not quite as new and fresh. But it’s still very good and well worth the watch. Whatever shall we learn in Season 3?!


Mr. Robot: Season 1 (Mr. Robot #1)

Well that’s a heck of a show. Given that I’m do computer security for a living (albeit with a bit less of the black hat revolutionary mindset) and have my own problems figuring out how brains–mine and others–work (albeit not nearly to that extent…) I feel like the perfect audience for this show. I’m honestly impressed with how well they got the hacking in this show. It’s not 100%–that would be boring–but it’s miles closer than two-hackers-typing-on-a-keyboard-is-faster.