The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3)

Ever since the Lord Ruler was killed in the first Mistborn book, things have been getting worse. It all comes to a head in The Hero of Ages. The world is quite literally ending.

Sanderson’s strength continues to be his world building. We get a lot more details this time around. We learn of a few more Allomantic metals. We learn all about the third metallic art (only previously hinted at): Hemalurgy. On top of that, we expand on what exactly the Koloss and Kandra are, what abilities they have, and how they came to be. It’s crazy awesome how it all fits together and would be well worth the read just got that.


The Well of Ascension (Mistborn #2)

Since last I read this book, I’d forgotten just how much happens in this book.

Since the Lord Ruler was killed in The Final Empire, some things have gotten better… some have gotten much much worse.


The Final Empire (Mistborn #1)

The Final Empire is a great read.

I love the worldbuilding. It’s a weird world, with strange nightly mists and a near constant fall of ash that gets on everything. Even stranger, it’s hinted that the world was once much more like our own. On top of that, you have a quasi-Feudal society ruled by a powerful, potentially immortal being. All of which leads to some pretty obvious seeds for some crazy stuff to go on.