Locke & Key: Season 1

I really enjoyed the Locke & Key graphic novels, so of course I had to give the TV show a try. Turns out: also really good. While they changed a few things with the details of how the keys worked that are probably more efficient to do in TV (not opening the tops of people’s heads for instance), it’s still got the same wonderfully creepy dark magical vibe. I do love the actors–Bode in particular does his part very well, as do his siblings.

Man that’s a crazy show. Well worth the show (warning, it is dark, although not overly graphic). On to season 2!


Locke & Key, Vol. 5: Clockworks (Locke & Key #5)

Another volume, another Key. This time, the ability to travel in time! Albeit only to view what’s going on. But given how many mysteries there are in this house and this family… that’s more than enough.

It’s really interesting going back to the time of the Revolutionary War and the origins of the Locke family and the keys.