Fairest: In All the Land (Fairest #6) (Fables Universe #41)

Fairest. The story of Cinderella, this time trying to solve a murder mystery as all the ‘fairest in the land’ (there are amusingly many of them) are dropping like flies. It’s actually a fairly decent murder mystery and while you completely expect that there will be some way (MAGIC!) to bring them back in the end, there’s still a chance that they might not.

It’s decent, although there are better Fables stories. Better Fairest stories even.


Fairest, Volume 3: The Return of the Maharaja (Fables Universe #32)

So. Charming survived. And now he’s a Maharaja in a world of Indian Fables. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised.

Storywise, it’s pretty crazy. It’s awesome to see the character growth. He’s an ass, but he’s got a lot of potential. A near death, saving the world… might just do the thing?


Fairest, Volume 2: The Hidden Kingdom (Fables Universe #31)

Back to Fairest (slightly out of order). This time we have Rapunzel in Japan, somehow or another, and another appearance of Jack–isn’t he a Dragon now? Did I miss something?

With the influence of Japanese Fables to the mix, this is by far one of the weirder books:


Fairest, Volume 1: Wide Awake (Fables Universe #30)

Another day, another Fables subseries. In a nutshell, we have the Winter Queen (back again for the first time in a while) and Sleeping Beauty, both woken by ‘true loves’ kiss' gone all complicated, as things are wont to do.