Raising Steam

In Going Postal, Moist von Lipwig rebuilt the post office. In Making Money, he took on the banks. Now? Steam engines are coming to the Discworld!

On one hand, it’s interesting to see more and more technology come to the Discworld, especially watching it blend with the magic that’s already there. You have goblins running the clacks (telegraphs) and now the trains and a engine that might just be alive. On top of that, we’re dealing with some of the fall out of the recent (bookwise) war between the Trolls and the Dwarves.

Making Money

It was sad, like those businessmen who came to work in serious clothes but wore colorful ties in a mad, desperate attempt to show there was a free spirit in there somewhere.

In Going Postal, ‘former’ conman Moist von Lipwig rebuilt Ankh-Morpork post from the ground up… but now he’s bored. Everything is running as it should; there’s nothing left to fix. So when Vetinari offers him the chance to do the same to the bank… of course he runs the other way. One thing leads to another though and eventually the Moist ends up with a new dog who just so happens to own the majority share in the bank. Good times.

Going Postal

At the time of writing this, Going Postal is tied for the second highest rated Discworld book on Goodreads (tied with Men at Arms at 4.37, behind Night Watch at 4.48). There’s a reason for this…

Essentially, Going Postal takes a small pile of topics–technical innovation and traditional technology versus the new hotness; conmen and businessmen; the postal service itself–and squishes them together with the wonderful latter book Discworld flair Pratchett is so known for.