Snuff (Discworld #39)

And so it ends.

Yes, sir, thank you, sir, and I wouldn’t trust me one little inch, sir. I knows a bad one when I sees them. I have a mirror.


Thud! (Discworld #34)

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Your grace.”

“I know that one,” said Vimes. “Who watches the watchmen? Me, Mr. Pessimal.”

“Ah, but who watches you, your grace?” said the inspector, with a brief smile.

“I do that, too. All the time,” said Vimes. “Believe me.”


Night Watch

Night Watch starts with Vimes and a few others visiting a number of otherwise forgotten graves. When asked what was going on: “you had to have been there.”

One magical lightning storm later and Vimes ends up ‘having been there’ for a second time.


The Fifth Elephant (Discworld #24)

So this is diplomacy. It’s like lying, only to a better class of people.

More than most of the Guards series (or Discworld in general), The Fifth Elephant is driven by a strong plot rather than leaning on characters and jokes. It’s actually a nice change from many of the other books, although I do like both styles.


Feet of Clay (Discworld #19)

Feet of Clay’s central story tackles one key idea: What makes a person a person?

In this case, the idea is personified by the golems–a constructed race of humanoids made of clay, animated by a religious text stored inside of their head, and bound to service (inspired by Jewish folklore). According to just about everyone, golems aren’t alive. They are nothing more than tools.


Guards! Guards! (Discworld #8)

There’s a reason that many people who suggesting a starting point for Discworld suggest people start with the City Watch subseries and Guards! Guards! in particular. It’s hilarious.

They may be called the Palace Guard, the City Guard, or the Patrol. Whatever the name, their purpose in any work of heroic fantasy is identical: it is, round about Chapter Three (or ten minutes into the film) to rush into the room, attack the hero one at a time, and be slaughtered. No one ever asks them if they want to. This book is dedicated to those fine men.