Boundary Born

And now that you know this, are you any different than you were yesterday?” he asked. Pragmatic, as usual. “Nothing has changed, Lex. You haven’t changed. You just know something that you didn’t know before, that’s all.

The third time around, we have two new plot threads: someone has poisoned Maven and tehre is a new evil on the hunt.


Boundary Lines

After getting tossed into the world of the supernatural in Boundary Crossed, Lex is back and starting to learn just why everyone seems to be out to get her in Boundary Lines.

Someone is stirring up local magic, brining back magical beasties from an age long gone and driving the (semi-)local werewolf mad. We get a good amount of world building, learning a fair bit more about the werewolves and finally seeing a second boundary mage–even if she died a long time ago. We get a bit more characterization of the other witches and vampires, a bit more on the local politics and tensions between the various supernatural factions. Neat worldbuilding all around and a few decent plot twists.


Boundary Crossed

The third time I died was early on a Monday morning, a week after Labor Day.

That’s one heck of a first line.