Attack on Titan, Vol. 13 (Attack on Titan #13)

Woo boy is this series bonkers.

Eren has to deal with the people that died for him. More crazy worldbuilding, with underground cities. More hints at where the Titans come from and how they’re related to normal people. More expiriments with Eren’s Titan form. And … kidnapping!


Attack on Titan, Vol. 12 (Attack on Titan #12)

We keep learning more about the Titans and the humans that they come from. And the more we learn, the more questions I have. What makes their forms different? What about the lower level dumb Titans? Are those humans too? What about the ones in between? And who are all of the Titans on the side of?



Attack on Titan, Vol. 11 (Attack on Titan #11)

Onward to battle! More than ever before, we get some really big Titan versus Titan battles (crazy) and the barest of hints at just who and what the other side of the battle might be.

Spoilers and pretty pretty pictures (for some definitions of pretty):


Attack on Titan, Vol. 10 (Attack on Titan #10)

Wooo boy. The wall is breached and the 104th is still doing their absolute best to save the day. One thing leads to another and they get trapped by Titans in a castle in the wall–only for everything to go absolutely sideways once again!

Man this story is nuts.


Attack on Titan, Vol. 9 (Attack on Titan #9)

So. Just when we know who the female Titan is, there’s a new one stomping about: the Beast Titan. And somehow another wall has fallen. I have no idea what’s the root at all this… but they don’t either, so off to find out!

Man the twists in this series. I think at some point, the biggest twist is going to be paying it straight and everyone will be so surprised!


Attack on Titan, Vol. 7 (Attack on Titan #7)

Man. On one hand, it’s fascinating how you can go through 200 pages and cover (for the most part) less than an hour. On the other, so very much happens in that one hour.

This time around, we’re still out of the city, dealing with the Female Titan. The plot thickens!