Attack on Titan, Vol. 25 (Attack on Titan #25)

Continuing the story of the greater world, bringing everything together. Hatred and lies all aimed at eliminating Paradis and the people there… and only a small group from Paradis to try to stop them.

Or perhaps more…


Attack on Titan, Vol. 24 (Attack on Titan #24)

Oh this extended world. The idea that there is a race of people (the Eldians) with a special power unique to their people which makes them makes them hated and feared, relegated to a suppressed class. Except a minor few that are brain washed and weaponized. It’s a story we’ve heard time and time again, even going back throughout history, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad story. It’s one that really needs to be told.



Attack on Titan, Vol. 23 (Attack on Titan #23)

This is a fascinating change of scope. After so long on what we thought of as the entire world (although of course we’d guessed it wasn’t the case), now we have an entire much larger world, more advanced in a lot of ways both in science and knowing about Titans. Crazy times.

Plus a bit more backstory of Reiner and a handful of new characters that purposely are training to be Titans, all to willingly take on the Titans for only 13 years.


Attack on Titan, Vol. 22 (Attack on Titan #22)

Well that’s a switch. We have a notebook talking about Eren’s father’s life outside of the walls, just how large the rest of the world is, and how the Attack Titan came to be.

Now what in the world are they going to do?


Attack on Titan, Vol. 21 (Attack on Titan #21)

So close and yet so far. So many are dead, trying to (did they succeed after all) to take down the Beast Titan. And now they have a choice. Theoretically, they can steal one of the Titan’s abilities and save one of their own…

But who?


Attack on Titan, Vol. 20 (Attack on Titan #20)

You know; it is really quite impressive that the Survey Corps has been doing even this well against there Collosus/Armorered/Beast Titans. Human intellect and all those strengths. Oy.

But then… sacrifices and boom sticks.


Attack on Titan, Vol. 19 (Attack on Titan #19)

Take the wall! Fight fight Titan fight! Crazy new technology to level the playing field. Fun times.

Among the more fascinating bits is finding out even more crazy things that the Human/Titans can do with their powers. It remains believable but insane levels of power. You do sort of get why they view ‘normal’ humanity as something less to be eradicated.


Attack on Titan, Vol. 17 (Attack on Titan #17)

Things continue to heat up (heh). Attack by a crawling mess of a Titan on the wall versus Eren and a bundle of explosives. Historia ascending. The Beast Titan. It’s a crazy story.