Edgedancer is a short story set in Sanderson’s Cosmere, specifically on Roshar of the Stormlight Archive. It features Lift, a young girl who was first featured in one of the interludes of Words of Radiance interludes and now has a story all to her own.

In short, Lift is a lot of fun. She’s a surgebinder who can make herself ‘awesome’–her term for it–and basically ignore friction. She seems an overall good person with a somewhat odd sense of morals and has a way of talking and acting that will just leave you smiling.


Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell is a fascinating Sanderson story set in an out of the way corner of his shared universe–the cosmere.

It’s a creepy short (for Sanderson) that follows an older woman (probably middle aged). She’s a mother, an inn-keeper, and a bounty hunter. She’s a wonderful character and really does do a lot to sell the story.


Sixth of the Dusk

I’ve previously listened about this story on the Writing Excuses podcast and read it in the Shadows Beneath anthology, but it’s just as weird/good now as it was then.

Worldbuildingwise, the idea of an ocean culture that travels between terrifying islands (with just as terrifying beasties in the water) is fascinating. Sentient birds ( / worms ) that people can tame and carry with them to grant them special powers? Yes please.


Secret History

“Oh, hell,” Kelsier said. “There’s actually a God?” “Yes.” Kelsier decked him.

If you’ve read the Mistborn series, read Secret History. If you haven’t, read the Mistborn series, then read Secret History. It’s worth the read just for for the the crazy intertwined universe-building that Sanderson has been pulling off for years now.


Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania

Allomancer Jak is a hilarious, pulpy, over the top adventure story set on the Mistborn universe (specifically the Alloy of Law time period).

It adds a bit of world building–specifically explaining how the Koloss have changed since the first era of the Final Empire–but mostly it’s just fun to read.


The Eleventh Metal

The Eleventh Metal is a short story originally written for the Mistborn Adventure Game (an RPG) that takes place before the events of the first Mistborn book. It gives us a bit more backstory about Kelsier and actually shows his own training, which is interesting enough.

Overall, it’s not bad. It’s just very short and doesn’t really add anything in particular to the rest of the Mistborn stories.


The Hope of Elantris

This is a cute little side story set during the climactic final scenes of the main Elantris storyline. Basically, it’s a story that Sanderson had originally in mind for Elantris but cut due to pacing or other issues.

Basically, it follows Matisse, an Elantrian who is charged with watching after the children and ends up saving them all with the help of Ashe the Seon.


The Emperor's Soul

If I hadn’t been told, at first I wouldn’t realize that The Emperor’s Soul takes place in a far away corner of the same world as Elantris. But as the story wears on, and the details of the magic system are revealed, it becomes more obvious that the worlds are one and the same. I really do love how Sanderson does magic systems. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, especially not at the same scale. Every system seems new, yet there’s a shared core to all of them. I love it.

Other than that, I did like the character of Shai. There’s something about an artist who works entirely to know that she did it, rather than for public acclaim that I enjoy. Sneaky and subtle. Excellent. I could see a few of the twists coming (that she wouldn’t escape until the last moment; the changes she made), but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable.