Portobello pizzas!

Love pizza but concerned with the number of calories in the standard pizza crust? Why not make portobello pizzas! it’s just like a pizza except you use a mushroom instead of the crust. (Disclaimer: If you don’t like mushrooms in the first place, this *probably* isn’t the best idea for you…)

You’ll need:

  • portobello mushrooms
  • pizza sauce
  • cheese
  • other pizza toppings

(Look at the AllRecipes post for more details)


The Amazing Spider-Man

Why do we have another Spider-Man movie? Granted, I liked it more than any of the previous three, but it just feels too soon. Of course people are going to compare it to the previous movies.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Fun idea at least and although it had some problems in execution, I enjoyed it well enough. The action scenes were neat, particularly the flaming ax-fu of firey doom (which they could have used more of).



I think that if Brave where made by anyone other than Pixar, I would have absolutely loved it. Granted, that’s not really a fair comparison, but I just can’t shake the feeling.


Snow White and the Huntsman

Oof. I guess it was pretty. That’s something. There were some really technically impressive scenes, like the stag and the dwarves and the glittery mirror warrior things.


Men in Black 3

I really liked the first two Men in Black movies. They’re a the sort of fun that I end up re-watching around once a year as a sort of guilty pleasure. I was a little surprised that they decided to make a third one, but I think it worked out well enough.


Dark Shadows

Mostly, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. I’ll go see just about anything involving either of them, even more quickly if it’s both. I went into the film not knowing much about the half-century old soap opera on which it was based, which I think hurt it in the end. There were a number of plot points that felt a bit rushed and didn’t need to be there (like the werewolf-daughter bit).


The Five-Year Engagement

Oof. So what do these two actually have in common again? I can feel a bit of the pain that they’re going through doing the PhD dance myself, but the extent they take it to just seems a bit extensive. If you can’t talk about things, then move on–particularly before spending five years growing a(n admittedly pretty awesome) beard and making just about everything out of local wildlife.


The Avengers

… there’s really not much to say about this that hasn’t been said / won’t be said a thousand times over. Long story short, it’s a great movie and a hit out of the park for everyone involved. I liked it enough that I’m sure to see it again and I strongly suggest that you go to.