Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror was cute enough for a retelling of that old Snow White story, but I don’t think it has quite the strength to stand on cuteness alone. Visually, it’s beautiful, but that’s all it is. It feels like a series of set pieces each of them self satisfied in a rather distracting manner.


The Hunger Games

I have a confession to make. I have not read the Hunger Games books. That being said, most everyone that I know has so when they wanted to go see the Hunger Games, I went along with them.


Grilled oops

Some part of my always wondered what would happen to a grilled cheese if you left it on the Foreman Grill and forgot about it…


Burger wrap

Cheeseburger got you down? Not as interesting as it used to be?

Try a burger wrap!


John Carter

Another year (more or less), another year of movies. I realy like going to the movies, it’s a nice distraction from the grin of PhD work. And what’s better, being a grad student leaves my schedule flexible enough so that I can go to the weekday matinees for a mere $5 ticket. Not too bad for ~2 hours of entertainment.


'tis the season...

…for pancakes!

Pancakes, whipped cream, and sprinkles–where could they possibly go wrong?

Homemade Pizza

Another thing to add to the list of things that are even tastier when homemade:

Granted, we didn’t actually make the crust all of the way from the flour (we have to try that sometime!), but we did make it from a packet rather that just buying a pre-made crust. Also, it’s really fun to roll out the crust.

Chili a la wok

One of my favorite dishes to make is a sort of chili. Since I don’t really have a strict recipe, it tends to vary wildly, but it’s always tasty and usually can feed me for a solid week.

As a rough outline, my “chili” usually contains:

  • some sort of meat (I’ve used ground beef, ground turkey, and chicken breast before)
  • vegetables (green peppers and onions at they very least)
  • starches (pasta, rice, and/or potatoes; I usually have at least two of these)
  • beans
  • tomatoes (canned, fresh, or tomato sauce; sometimes more than one)