We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

Well. That’s a thing. A weirdly wonderful thing.

The book summary does a pretty good job of telling you exactly what you get without too many spoilers (past the first few chapters):


Magic Triumphs

That was actually somewhat surprising for an ending. I expected a knock down, drag out fight with Roland, but instead… Dragons. Of course it had to be dragons.

It’s actually a pretty solid ending to the series, even if the final confrontations/battles did end rather abruptly and solve everything a bit too neatly. I almost want to see yet another book following the aftermath. But there’s something to be said for letting an ending be an ending and I can respect that.


The Lies of Locke Lamora

AT THE HEIGHT of the long wet summer of the Seventy-seventh Year of Sendovani, the Thiefmaker of Camorr paid a sudden and unannounced visit to the Eyeless Priest at the Temple of Perelandro, desperately hoping to sell him the Lamora boy.

The Lies of Locke Lamora is a wonderful book… in the sense of a trainwreck. The wording does quite the job of elegantly describing just how messy and dirty and ugly the world Locke lives in is.


Silence Fallen

I last read (/ listened to) the Mercy Thompson books back in 2016, so I thought it was about time to go through the series (plus the Alpha and Omega books) again. Imagine my delight when I saw both series had a new entry!

“I’m a mechanic; I fix things that are broken. I turn into a thirty-five pound coyote. I have powerful friends. But when it comes right down to it, my real superpower is chaos.”


Magic Binds

“Did you run any of this by Curran?”

“I told him I was about to do something idiotic and dangerous, and he told me to go ahead and let him know if he could help in any way.”

“I don’t understand your relationship.”


Gray Hat C#: A Hacker's Guide to Creating and Automating Security Tools

Odd book. Not quite what I expected. If you’re looking for a reference on how to tie one of the various mentioned tools into a C# project yourself, it will have a potentially useful starter at least. Other than that, the specific sections could use a bit more fleshing out to be useful alone and all together, it’s an odd combination.

Structurewise, the first section of the book was odd. Basically a tutorial of C#, but only a limited subset of functionality, chosen oddly. Then a number of web related things. Sure. Weird, but fair enough. Then we have SQL injections and XSS, which are discussed in more depth other places. Yes, this book ties them to C#, but it’s string processing. Nothing super specific to any particular language there.


Magic Shifts

“Does everybody think I’m an asshole?” Curran asked.

“Only people who know you or have met you.



I imagined those broken rocks as the broken bodies of my enemies, their bones shattered, their trembling arms reaching upward in a useless gesture of total and complete defeat. I was a very odd little girl.

Spensa (Spin) is an odd girl in an odd world. Humanity is trapped on an alien planet for reasons (initially) unknown. The sky is filled with rubble and debris that occasionally rains down on them and from time to time aliens come down and try to kill them. Spin’s father is a pilot, trying to protect them, but he dies early in the book (before a timeskip), called a coward–seemingly one of the worst things you can call someone in this world.


Magic Breaks

“Fortune favors the brave,” I told her. It also kills the stupid, but I decided to keep that fact to myself.

Curran is out of town, so of course things are going to go wrong. Taking a lot of what’s been building, between the Pack having troubles with a non-shifter as essentially second in command, the relationship between the Pack and the People, Kate’s trouble with Roland and more particularly with Hugh.


First Lord's Fury

Life, Tavi reflected, seldom makes a gift of what one expects or plans for.

It’s darkest before the dawn.