Taskmaster: Series 16 Taskmaster #16

Another season, we’re on a roll!

Another great cast, and I absolutely enjoyed them all, although I didn’t have a favorite stand out quite so much as did in the previous seasons.

Poor Lucy through so many of those tasks, but she took it in stride. The Sues were great, especially together. Julian–so gay. And Sam Campbell was just a lot of fun–and that hair the last episode. O.o

Onward to one more (for now)!

And then of course… all of the other regional Taskmasters as well.


Taskmaster: Series 15 Taskmaster #15

We’re almost caught up to the present day! And what a crew to catch up on.

Mae Martin I think was my favorite, followed closely by Ivo Graham. Ironic given the final scores. 😄

I did love Jenny Eclair’s energy throughou the tasks though. And both Frankie and Kiell were a delight to watch as well. Really, I loved the entire cast.

Favorite task of the season? Wayne. The flail’y man.

Go watch it and find out why. 😄


For All Mankind: Season 2 For All Mankind #2

Well that got away from me for a bit.

After the explosive introduction that was For All Mankind: Season 1, with the Soviets beating the US to the moon and all that changed through that… no we’re a decade in the future and things continue to change!

It’s fascinating to see Jamestown grow to a crew of around 20. The Baldwins have adapted a daughter. The chaos of escalating tensions, both on the moon and also back on Earth–and all the perils of space travel, even without that. And Gordo, Danielle, and Ed, back to space.

And that’s all in the first part of the week.

Man this is a good show.

And next season, with another time skip we may very well be going to Mars!



Black Mirror: Season 5 Black Mirror #5

A whole series in three episodes? Whee!

It’s interesting how the three episodes are at once similar and so different. There’s little enough radically different technology–mostly extrapolations of what we have now or may expect to have soon–but it’s done well.

And even with just three, we already have one that’s a straight forward exploration, one that’s more of a slow burn, and one that has a sudden sharp escalation.

A lot to fit into a short season.



Black Mirror: Season 4 Black Mirror #4

Onward to Season 4!

We have a lot of interesting technology this time around. Virtual reality. Filtering reality (again). Messing with memories (they really like this one…). Dating. Being hunted.

I’m still quite enjoying this series. Check it out!


Black Mirror: Season 3 Black Mirror #3

Another solid season. I’m so hit and miss at watching these.

Social media. Virtual reality writ real (they do that a lot this season). Extortion. Life after death (of a sorts). Bugs. Politics.

It has it all.

It’s fascinating to me how Black Mirror at once manages to explore such a wide variety of potential future technology–and at the same time have the same little VR dots on the head in episode after episode. 😄



Taskmaster: Series 14 Taskmaster #14

That’s such a delight of a season, mostly due to Fern Brady, although I enjoyed the entire cast.

The contestants:

  • Dara Ó Briain - Goes about the weirdest things with a smile on his face.
  • Fern Brady - Fern is delightful. She’s a fun one to look up her independent work.
  • John Kearns - He constantly had the look of ‘what have I gotten myself into’. Really the whipping boy for this season.
  • Munya Chawawa - Zimbabwean ___. Hda a fun way of working around the tasks.
  • Sarah Millican - Alternatively delightfully dry and actually angry at times.

One more!


Taskmaster: Series 13 Taskmaster #13

No way.

So many quotes. So many ducks. So many chances to make Alex do weird things.

It was another great series. I love this show. At some point I’m going to run out… and have to watch the New Zealand and now Australian versions! (I can’t wait).

The contestants:

  • Ardal O’Hanlon - The older one / the Irish one. Always seemed up for doing the wackiest thing and I loved his sense of humor.
  • Bridget Christie - The chaotic one. She seemed to actually be driving Alex up the wall as the series went on, which is saying something.
  • Chris Ramsey - The relatable one. Gives you something to grown you among all the other oddballs.
  • Judi Love - The one who loses at just about every task. And she’s just so delightful about it–and about making Alex do much of the tasks for her.
  • Sophie Duker - The younger one and my favorite of the series. She’s just got a delightfully weird way of looking at the tasks.


For All Mankind: Season 1 For All Mankind #1

Watched with someone that didn’t know what the show was about. A few minutes of “okay, so it’s about the moon landing.” And then the moment when he speaks… Delightful.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about STOP READING NOW AND GO WATCH THIS SHOW.

I’m waiting.


The idea of an alternate history where the Soviets made it to the moon is so fascinating. And it’s only made all the better by all the character moments and (surprisingly to me) other historical events not on the moon we see along the way.

It’s such a good show.

I’m really looking forward to what they do with Season 2. What changes… and what stays the same?