For All Mankind For All Mankind #1

Watched with someone that didn’t know what the show was about. A few minutes of “okay, so it’s about the moon landing.” And then the moment when he speaks… Delightful.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about STOP READING NOW AND GO WATCH THIS SHOW.

I’m waiting.


The idea of an alternate history where the Soviets made it to the moon is so fascinating. And it’s only made all the better by all the character moments and (surprisingly to me) other historical events not on the moon we see along the way.

It’s such a good show.

I’m really looking forward to what they do with Season 2. What changes… and what stays the same?


Mr. Robot: Season 4 Mr. Robot #4

Wow. That really went quite a fascinating direction. I was wondering where they were going for the last few seasons, but really digging into the aftermath of the season 1 hacks + another big target + dealing with the fallout of the Dark Army + digging deeper into Elliot’s troubles.

Man. Quite a season.

I had my doubts in the run up to the final few episodes, but I think they really stuck the landing. This was quite a show, through and through. Well worth the watch.