Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

I still think the first one was the better movie, but man I still enjoyed this one. Biggest negative: I’d totally forgotten this is a part one / to be continued. That was… not fun to find out right at the end with no current release date for the next sequel!

Overall, it’s a great film. I love seeing more of Miles and Gwen, especially a couple of years later. I love the introduction to even more Spider-People (and not-people even, oh Peter Parkedcar) and the introduction of even more multiverse concepts that brings to mind. And the idea that there are fixed points in each Spider’s story that makes them who they are is great fuel, both for this and I hope the eventual sequel.

Visually, this story once again shines. I love seeing all the different styles, especially when you have more than one on screen at once.

And now, on seeing this, I learn that Marvel 2099 with more Miguel O’Hara is a thing. I should read that next!

Onward! (And hopefully not too long to a sequel.)