Loki Marvel Cinematic Universe #23.3 MCU Phase 4 #0.3 MCU TV #3

Another MCU made for Disney+ TV outing. After the amazing WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki had a high bar to clear. In my nutshell: they nailed it. I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose. Loki (the character) is fascinating. He started out a well cast mostly villain of his own in Thor and became the first recurring villain in The Avengers. And after that, he’s back again and again in each of the Thor and Avengers movies.


The Sopranos: Season 2 The Sopranos #2

Man this show just keeps going. They actually lowered the amount of nudity a bit from Season 1 (as HBO tends to do), but the violence is still going strong… It’s fascinating (and solid writing) to see the fall out from the big events of season 1, along with entirely new plotlines with Janice (Tony’s brother), Richard Aprile (who’s got crazy eyes), Christopher really getting into (and out of) writing, and drama with the entire Soprano family/children.


Taskmaster: Series 7 Taskmaster #7

Rounding out the first 8 series that are available directly on YouTube in the US, finally Series 7! Man this was a season. Man those are some characters. James Acaster has a barely contained rage beneath his humor (sometimes now so barely). Jessica Knappett, hilarious with some crazy outfits. Kerry Godliman: a wonderfully direct way to solving tasks. Phil Wang (and Phil Wang’s wang). That outfit… it’s certainly a thing. And Rhod Gilbert.


The Sopranos: Season 1 The Sopranos #1

After the crazy violence and nudity of Watchmen, you’d think perhaps we’d go for something a little more … safe for next time around. Nah. The Sopranos. It’s one of the best rated TV shows of all time (on IMDb, only Breaking Bad (which I watched just before I started reviewing TV series), Avatar: The Last Airbender (it’s great), and Game of Thrones (pre Season 8) are rated higher among fiction).


Stargate Atlantis: Season 1 Stargate #9 Stargate Atlantis #1

And so it begins again. While Stargate SG-1 really has a solid place in my heart, in a way I like Atlantis even better. I don’t think it could have been what it is without SG-1, but with it, it’s made even better. You have a generally optimistic can do attitude, backed up by McKay quite often saving the day (which is crazy coming off SG-1, I forgot how annoying he is and just how much he grows throughout the seasons of Atlantis).


Taskmaster: Series 1 Taskmaster #1

Finally back to where it all began. We have a bit of trying to find the show’s footing. I think Romesh Ranganathan was my favorite this series.

Favorite task:

  • Episode 1, Task 2: Eat as much watermelon as possible in one minute. HULK SMASH! Also, totally throwing up.

It’s probably the weakest season, but it more than gets a pass for all the wonderful things that came to be later.

Taskmaster: Series 6 Taskmaster #6

I really like most of the people in this season. Alice Levine seems straight laced and perhaps sweet until she throws something at you out of left field. Asim Chaudhry hit the ‘you’re going to lose now’, although didn’t actually end up coming in last. Tim Vine though… oh Tim Vine. There always has to be one in a crazy outfit and he performs most of the tasks in some sort of safari outfit and hat.


Taskmaster: Series 4 Taskmaster #4

Oh Noel Fielding. You’re … a class all your own. I don’t think I’ve seen many other people that had so very many 1 and 5 point tasks with little in between. Having Mel Giedroyc there as well (also from the Great British Bake Off) was extra amusing. Another favorite of mine though was Hugh Dennis. So very British sense of humor. Favorite tasks: Episode 1, Task 1: Most unusual autograph on the most unusual vegetable.


Taskmaster: Series 2 Taskmaster #2

Back one more! Richard Osman is just wonderful in this season. He can really give Greg Davies a run for his money. But I think even better is Katherine Ryan. She’s snarky and hilarious. I wish they had more than one woman on the earlier seasons, but if you only have one, she was a good one! Favorite tasks: Episode 1, Task 2: Place three exercise balls on a yoga mat on top of a hill.



Oof. On one hand, Watchmen is a very HBO show. Violence all over the place, blood spraying, nudity (both male and female), language. On another hand, it’s Watchmen. At first, it feels like a completely new story set in the same world. There are vague comments relating to the series, but where the graphic novel (I need to reread that) and movie were set decades ago closer to where Watchmen’s Alternate Reality splits, this show starts and mostly stays in the world of the 2010s America.