How to Train Your Dragon 2 (DVD)

I really liked the first How to Train Your Dragon. It was cute and it was fun. Cute, the sequel had. Fun, more or less. But it was still missing something.

The Giver (DVD)

Apparently Jeff Bridges has been trying to have The Giver turned into a movie for the better part of two decades. Originally, he wanted to have Lloyd Bridges in the eponymous role. He even apparently went so far as to have a version filmed somewhere, although so far as I know that version has never been made publically available.

I wonder if that one diverged so much from the book?

Edge of Tomorrow (DVD)

Disclaimer time: I have a full time job now. And a baby at home. Some combination of these things means that I have nowhere near as much time to go see movies as I once did. So it goes.

But rather than let this particular part of my blog go to waste, I think that I’ll go ahead and keep writing up movies. Just instead of movies in theaters, I’ll aim for new releases on DVD / VOD.


Edge of Tomorrow.


If only the writers had used more than 10% of their brains to come up with a better basis for their film…


Maleficient was magnificent.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

After the awesome first two films, the relative failures of The Last Stand and the Wolverine(s), and the return to form of First Class, I was cautiously hopeful for Days of Future Past. It had potential–near full casts of both sets of X-Men?–but potential doesn’t necessarily mean good.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I think that–for once–I was the perfect audience for this movie. Just geeky enough that I enjoy a good Spider-Man movie, but not so geeky that whatever changes they made from the comics are going to jump out / particularly bother me.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Out of all the pre-Avengers / Phase One Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, it’s really a toss up whether Iron Man or Captain American was my favorite. In Phase Two? It’s not even a question1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier.