Once upon a time, I was on track to get a PhD in censorship/computer security. I was ABD (all but dissertation) when my advisor decided to leave and go into the private sector. When that happens… you either find a new advisor or you go with them. I decided to go with them, move to Silicon Valley, and join a startup. It was perhaps the best thing that could have happened to me. While I sometimes regret not having the extra letters after my name, I love the practicality of working in the ‘real world’. Not to mention the job prospects are better. :)

So for the most part, these posts are archival, but there are still a few gems in there.

AudioVision Update

The original plan to use Make3D for the visual depth determination has mostly fallen through, partially because it has several dependencies that I cannot get to build correctly and partially because it is written in a combination of C and MATLAB. I have nothing against either of these languages; however, I do not have the addons necessary for MATLAB to connect to a webcam. As such, I’ve decided to switch from a monocular vision algorithm to a more traditional stereo vision algorithm.


AudioVision Overview

I am taking an independent study course this winter in Image Recognition / Computer Vision. The primary goal of my independent study is to look into determining depth information from video feed(s) in real time and then representing that depth information using a 3D audio map (headphones).