Line art with an HTML5 canvas

Let’s play with HTML5 canvas elements!

Basically, I want to draw some simple line diagrams. Go from top to bottom on one side while going from right to left along the top or bottom. It sounds complicated, but perhaps it’s easier to explain with a drawing:


OpenID - Part 2

I wrote yesterday about getting OpenID up and running, but when I played with the code a bit more today, I realized that something funny was going on. Yahoo worked exactly as I expected, when I clicked on the link for the first time, it would take me to the Yahoo login page and then to a page to grant the proper permissions. All well and good. The same with Google.


Adventures in OpenID land

Today I started working on a little webapp. It’s mostly to get me back in practice writing website code, but it does hopefully have the side effect of being useful. More on that later though, perhaps when it’s actually working. In any case, the first thing that I wanted to do for this app was to set up some sort of authentication system. Since I don’t have HTTPS set up at the moment with my webhost (Dreamhost; they really are pretty good to work with and far better than my previous host) and it doesn’t really make as much sense to send passwords in plaintext over the network, I decided to go ahead and give OpenID a try.