Keyboard Chords with Hammerspoon

I love keyboard shortcuts. The less I have to switch between keyboard and mouse, the more efficient I (at least feel I) can be!

Problem statement

But there are only so many unique combinations of keys on a standard keyboard. Assume 26 letters, 10 digits, and (for now) 20 other characters, along with 4 ‘modifier’ keys (⌘ ⌃ ⌥ ⇧) that you can use in any combination of one or more. So 26 * 10 * 20 * (2^4 - 1) = 78,000 . Like I said. Limited. 😄

But we can do better!

Enter the Hammerspoon hs.hotkey.modal module!


Once Again, to Hammerspoon

Why oh why doesn’t macOS have a more powerful window manager…

Once upon a time, I moved from primarily Windows to primarily (at the time) OSX. I missed Aerospace–the ability to use Win+Left/Right to snap windows to half the screen–so I wrote a fix: Duplicating AeroSnap on OSX with Hammerspoon.

Since then, I eventually discovered and moved to Magnet and all was well.

But more recently, I’ve been wanting two things:

  • a bit more control (once again), to define more arbitrary sizes and keystrokes
  • the ability to automatically arrange windows to various Mission Control Spaces

And what a journey it’s been…