Crosslinks by Title in Hugo

Another quick Hugo post. One thing I miss about my previous blogging platform(s) was the ability to generate quick links between posts just by using the title of the post. So rather than this:

a cool post
This is [a cool post]({{< ref "2021-07-15-crosslinks-by-title-in-hugo" >}}), go read it.

You could do this:

This is {{< crosslink title="Crosslinks by Title in Hugo" text="a cool post" >}}.

Or shorter: {{< crosslink "Crosslinks by Title in Hugo" >}}.

And it should just work.


A Tabbed View for Hugo

One thing I’ve been using for a lot of my recent posts (such as Backtracking Worms) is a tabbed view of code that can show arbitrarily tabs full of code or other content and render them wonderfully! For example, we can turn: {{<tabs>}} {{<sourcetab ruby "examples/art-station.rune">}} {{<tab "art-station.svg">}} {{<include "output/art-station.svg">}} {{</tab>}} {{<sourcetab ruby "examples/astrology-and-moons.rune">}} {{<tab "astrology-and-moons.svg">}} {{<include "output/astrology-and-moons.svg">}} {{</tab>}} {{<sourcetab ruby "examples/text-circle.rune">}} {{<tab "text-circle.svg">}} {{<include "output/text-circle.svg">}} {{</tab>}} {{</tabs>}} Into the tabbed example view at the end of yesterday’s post!