The House on the Hill - Postmortem

It turns out that I won’t have any time this weekend after all. So technically, I have another day, but I’m not going to be able to finish this in 7 days. This actually works out, since in hindsight I don’t think that Betrayal at House on the Hill’s mechanics actually translate quite as directly to a Roguelike as at first I thought.


The House on the Hill - Day 5

Not much in the way of screenshots today, but I did manage to add quite a lot of framework for content (which I’m going to spend tomorrow fleshing out). Now, the player has four stats (Might, Vigor, Intellect, and Sanity; I don’t think those were the original stats but I don’t have a copy at the moment to check). Each of them starts at a random value from 2 to 5. If any reaches 0, game over.

Also, to actually make use of said stats, there are two new kinds of definitions that you can stick in the data folder to automatically be used by the game: events and items.


The House on the Hill - Day 3

Today I’ve made it to where I optimally would have been back on Monday, had I actually planned what I was going to do (and not changed ideas and frameworks literally as I was starting to work).


The House on the Hill – Day 2

The problem with starting with a (far) less common language is that you have to develop your own tools. That’s what I ended up spending most of the day doing in the case of Racket, although I think it ended up being a rather worthwhile endeavor.


The House on the Hill - Day 1

This week marks 2013’s 7-day Roguelike (7DRL) challenge, a contest where entrants attempt to write an entire Roguelike in 7 days. Since I haven’t started my #1GAM a month for March (and since my successfully completed January game was a Roguelike as well), it seems like the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.


February #1GAM post-mortem

Is it possible to write a post-mortem if you really only got about four hours into a game?

Well, let’s hope so. That’s all the further I’ve made it with this month’s #1GAM a month–and it’s pretty much entirely my fault. The whole idea was to start earlier in the month and spread out the work out a bit… That didn’t happen.


#1GAM - ChessLike 1.0 - Did it!

Well there you have it. Three days to a feature complete game.

I ended cutting one of the kinds of levels, but other than that I got everything that I wanted in the game. It’s got 10 different kinds of pieces, 8 different kinds of levels (most procedurally generated), and statistics galore. It actually turned out to be kind of fun, although it’s a bit slower than I’d like. Not much I can do about that though without implementing a mouse interface (which I’ll probably do some day).


#1GAM - ChessLike 0.2.0 - Dungeons!

Here’s another day’s work on ChessLike. It’s actually a bit less full featured than yesterday, but I’ve made a lot of progress towards the dungeon framework that I’m going for.