Solving Sokobond

Another solver that I’ve been working on, after A Good Snowman Is Hard To … Solve?. This time, we have Sokobond! It’s a Sokobon… but with chemical bonds! Yeah, that’s a really good title.

The basic idea is you have a field of elements with (chemical accurate) free electrons):

A basic level

Here we have 4 hydrogens (1 bond each) and a carbon (4 bonds). It should seem pretty obvious that the carbon should end up with a hydrogen on each end. The one last bit of interest: the element with the dashed border is the one we actually control, that will never change.

This eventually gets more complicated, adding:

  • Modifiers that are placed on the map between squares:
    • One that strengthens bonds, turning a single bond into double into triple
    • One that weakens bonds, turning triple to double to single or breaking single bonds
    • One that rotates bonds as you move by it
  • More elements, eventually hydrogen (1), oxygen (2), nitrogen (3), carbon (4), and helium (0)
  • Solutions that require forming multiple elements at the same time

It’s a pretty neat puzzle game with 144 levels of increasing difficulty. Perfect to solve.