AoC 2022 Day 16: Pressurinator

Source: Proboscidea Volcanium

Part 1

Given a graph of nodes, some of which have a pressure (per tick output value) and an agent that can move through the graph and activate specific nodes (so that they output their per tick value every future tick), what is the maximum total output possible in 30 steps?


AoC 2021 Day 23: Amphipodinator

Source: Amphipod

Part 1: Given 4 rooms full of amphipods with various energy costs for movement (a=1, b=10, c=100, d=1000) and a hallway, how much energy does it take (at minimum) to sort the amphipods into their own rooms with the following conditions:


AoC 2021 Day 12: Submarine Spider

Source: Passage Pathing

Part 1: Given a list of edges in a bi-directional graph, count the number of paths from start to end such that nodes named with lowercase letters are visited once, and nodes with uppercase letters can be visited any number of times.