Wombat IDE - New semester / bug fixes

We’re about to start up the Fall semester, so it seems like a good time to be updating Wombat for the new semester. With that, a whole slew of bugs have been squashed:

#1GAM - ChessLike 1.0 - Did it!

Well there you have it. Three days to a feature complete game.

I ended cutting one of the kinds of levels, but other than that I got everything that I wanted in the game. It’s got 10 different kinds of pieces, 8 different kinds of levels (most procedurally generated), and statistics galore. It actually turned out to be kind of fun, although it’s a bit slower than I’d like. Not much I can do about that though without implementing a mouse interface (which I’ll probably do some day).

#1GAM - ChessLike 0.2.0 - Dungeons!

Here’s another day’s work on ChessLike. It’s actually a bit less full featured than yesterday, but I’ve made a lot of progress towards the dungeon framework that I’m going for.

#1GAM - ChessLike 0.1.5

Back around the last Ludum Dare, I decided to try out One Game A Month. Basically, the goal is to write one complete game per month, every month in 2013. Of course I’m great at putting things off until the very last minute–I finally started yesterday. So it goes.

Wombat IDE - It's Alive! (bug fixes)

It’s alive!

I haven’t worked on Wombat in a while, but with the new semester quickly approaching, I figured that it would be a good time to take out a few of the outstanding bugs on the issue tracker. Granted, there’s still a fair few, but it’s a start.

Optimizing Voronoi

Starting with my previous post on Voronoi diagrams, I felt that I could do better. Sure, the code works well enough but it’s almost painfully slow. So let’s see if we can optimize it a bit.

Generating Voronoi diagrams

I was playing with image library and started to think about more ways that I could generate images. One idea that came to mind was to generate a bunch of colored points on the image and then color every other pixel based on which seed point was closest. Turns out, that’s exactly what a Voronoi diagramis… The Wikipedia article at least says that Voronoi diagrams can be traced back at least to Descartesin 1644, so I guess at least I’m in good company. 😄

Wombat IDE - The return of screen sharing

I’ve been working the last few days to get screen sharing working again and I think I have something. Again. Hopefully. The first idea was to use a UDP multicast network but when router configuration on campus got in the way, I moved back to a more direct TCP-based system. Still, I think it works pretty well.