Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 14

Hoo boy. That was yet another crazy volume. I seem to be saying that a lot, but man. Father. Answers. Questions. Alchemy on a whole ‘nother scale. Gross and weird and crazy homunculi.



Saga, Vol. 9

And so it ends… for now?. I didn’t realize the 9 volumes out were the first half of the planned story arc. Without getting into spoilers… holy crap that’s a cliffhanger!!! At least I’ve already skipped two years of waiting?

Overall, a lot of things come to an end. Hazel and Squire are growing up and fighting (as you do):



The children have decided that dumptrucks are dumpies and are the best. We now have many. Everywhere.

This set will grow over time.

Saga, Vol. 8

Man this universe just keeps getting more and more surreal. That’s what you get where Sci-Fi is real, Fantasy is real, and you want to really explore just what it means to be people.

You get owl people:


Tree House Mystery

In a nutshell, new neighbors move in, they’re mostly ignored by their parents (back to that in a moment), the Aldens barge in and make friends, they all build a treehouse, find a hidden room, and fix a old (kind of dumb) feud between the neighbor’s father and uncle.



Saga, Vol. 7

Oh these poor poor people. The main family. The Will. All of them. Man this series got depressing.

But for the moment, let’s back up a bit.


Saga, Vol. 6

Man this story just keeps going and going. It’s mostly interesting to see how the relationships between characters you never at first thought would interact well grow and change.

Saga continues to paint pictures of modern world problems, such as how homosexual relationships are treated: