Chili a la wok

One of my favorite dishes to make is a sort of chili. Since I don’t really have a strict recipe, it tends to vary wildly, but it’s always tasty and usually can feed me for a solid week.

As a rough outline, my “chili” usually contains:

  • some sort of meat (I’ve used ground beef, ground turkey, and chicken breast before)
  • vegetables (green peppers and onions at they very least)
  • starches (pasta, rice, and/or potatoes; I usually have at least two of these)
  • beans
  • tomatoes (canned, fresh, or tomato sauce; sometimes more than one)


Chicken/broccoli mush

I finally finished off the last of my chili, so I figure it might be time enough to try out the slow cooker I got for Christmas. Starting with what I hoped would be a relatively simple recipe, I combined rice, broccoli, and chicken (with some chicken broth for a base) and let it go.


AudioVision: A Stereophonic Analogue to Visual Systems

Abstract: AudioVision is designed to take a visual representation of the world–inthe form form of one or more video feeds–and convert it into a related stereophonic audio representation. With such a representation, it should be possible for someone who has minimal or no use of their visual system to avoid obstacles using their sense of hearing rather than vision. To this end, several different vision algorithms, including single and multiple image disparity, disparity from motion, and optical flow were investigated.


Stuffed Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are tasty. So are tomato sauce, beef, and cheese. So what if we took the latter and stuffed it inside of the former?


(corn)breaded everything!

Breaded things are tasty, but unfortunately I don’t have any breading. But what I do have is boxes of cornbread. Hmm. Wonder if that will work?