AIGS 2009 Overview

Despite what I said last year, I started the AIGS over this year. To shake things up a bit, I’m implementing this year’s version with .NET in C# (the previous two years used Python and Java respectively). This year, the game will be Capture the Flag. Hopefully, we can have a more complex game without overdoing it and avoid the problems with low branching factor that we had last year with Hex.


Pre-Hike #2

The second preparation hike (for me) for the class pilgrimage trip to England and Spain. This time, we went to McCormick’s Creek, although with the recent rain, it got rather interesting.

Lighting IV - Darkened Lantern

I submitted “Darkened Lantern” for the Lighting IV challenge at DPChallenge. I came in 157 out of 190 with a score of 4.61 / 10. Personally, I like the shot, so it all works out in the end.


SIGCSE 2009 - RASQL Query Grammar Conversion Project

Abstract: While variety of language structures, there still exists room for an extensible grammatical structure based through the implementation of such a grammar, translations between languages can be made relatively easy using preexisting tools such as XSLT.