Lockout was a pretty good action movie–in space! I don’t really mind movies like that, where they take a premise that has been done before and just change the setting. Although in general, I’d like for the science of the movie to be a bit more sensical. And the whole premise of just sending up one man to save the president’s daughter seems a bit off. Sure, the prisoners might kill her off if they send more, but isn’t the entire point that they don’t at first realize who they have? So it goes.


Wombat IDE - Another round of issues

I have a new chunk of issues this time, this time with screen shots.

Updated turtle library with new names

Essentially, I’ve changed a few of the names in the previous turtle API and added a few new alias.

  • spawn has been renamed to hatch
  • split has been been renamed to clone
  • teleport! has been added as an alias to move-to!
  • turn-counter-clockwise! has been added as an alias to turn-left!
  • turn-clockwise! and turn! have been added as aliases to turn-right!


The Cabin in the Woods

I generally don’t go for horror movies, but the general premise intrigued me. And it doesn’t hurt that Joss Whedon co-wrote it. He’s had his ups and downs, but in general he’s earned at least a second look in my book.


Wombat IDE - Animated turtles

Sometimes I keep going beyond the point where I probably should. In this case, I want to add an animation feature to the turtle graphics library so I just went ahead and wrote one.

These new functions have been added to the turtle API:

  • (live-display b) - b should be #t or #f to enable or disable the live display, default is #f
  • (live-delay n) - set the timer between frames, default is 0.1 seconds
  • (live-display) - is live display enabled?
  • (live-delay) - get the current delay


Wombat IDE - A pile of features and bugs

Another one of those posts. 😄 Bug fixes: Fixed a problem with the interop libraries reporting they were finished before they actually were. Now when reading a few hundred images, the call will block until they are actually read rather than just pretending to read them as it was. Issue 158: Prevent backups of backup files (no double ~). Basically, if a person directly edits a backup file, they’re on their own.


Wombat IDE - A new way

Up until now, the Petite bindings have been built around a threaded model where one thread existed solely to send new commands to the Petite process and another solely to read responses back. Mostly, this would stop the problem with the Java Process model that would cause it to deadlock if the data was not actually being consumed–the reading thread could act as a buffer in this instance.


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror was cute enough for a retelling of that old Snow White story, but I don’t think it has quite the strength to stand on cuteness alone. Visually, it’s beautiful, but that’s all it is. It feels like a series of set pieces each of them self satisfied in a rather distracting manner.


The Hunger Games

I have a confession to make. I have not read the Hunger Games books. That being said, most everyone that I know has so when they wanted to go see the Hunger Games, I went along with them.