AIGS 2009 Update

Bug fixes:

  • Flag respawning is more solid (not completely guaranteed though, because I haven’t actually been able to duplicate the issue).
  • Should cause an error if you try to capture your own player.

Thanks to Chris Covert for testing the problems that I was having.

AIGS 2009 Update

New version uploaded. Bug fixes: Fixed swapping players bug. Potential fix for not your turn bug (not sure if this one will work). Sending ‘Unsolvable’ as a move can be used to prematurely end a game (and will output the game log). Fixed/removed extra YourTurn packets sent on failed move. Fixed capturing, players can now capture correctly and wil respawn at their bases. Fixed returning flags. Flags were returning at (0, 0), now the return to their spawn points.



AIGS 2009 Update

Here are the most recent fixes: Added logic to allow the second player to continue after the first player is done (thanks Eric Reed). The flag spawn logic was preventing you from moving off of spawn points, not onto them (oops). Downloads

AIGS 2009 Update

Updated with almost everything necessary to play the tournament.  I still need to implement the game timer per side.  I will have the up before AI class meets Monday.

All of the changes that are mentioned in the Tournament Rules document have been completed with the following notes:

  • Always 3 players per team
  • Not guaranteed to be solvable (though I haven’t seen an unsolvable one yet).
  • You can only capture flags on the other side of the board
  • Flags respawn at random locations on your side of the map
  • You can only see your flags when they have not been captured
  • Non-wall squares you cannot see will be sent as a ‘*’
  • Captured players will spawn adjacent to their home base
  • If no location is available, they will try further out in concentric circles




A Rosey Walk

The colors of fall, mostly but not all around the Rose-Hulman campus. Flickr Galleries require JavaScript to view View on Flickr

AIGS 2009 Update

New version of the server is available:


  • Added RemainingFlags message.
  • MoveMade packets will be sent for each move. Periodically checking for the server for sync is suggested.
  • It should now be possible for players to move past each other (swap places, etc).


本を読むたり英語を見たりは大好きです。 でも、本の方が好きです。 私の好きなジャンルはSFものやホラーものやアクションものや、ファンタジーもの好きです。 まこと、とても本は好きですよ。

AIGS 2009 Update

The new version of the server has been updated.


  • Added a rudimentary AI player to play against for the next assignment.
  • Added scenarios for assignment 3.
  • Fixed typos in previous assignments.
  • Added an argument to the protocol for YourTurn messages to tell you who you are (update your CTFProtocol file).