Running local proxies

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently1 2, I have set a handful of different things on my local machines to make remote development a bit easier. This time around, I have two more to add to that list:

  • Setting up a local SOCKS proxy with SSH
  • Setting up a local TOR proxy for testing / more anonymous browsing
  • Configuring your browser to use these proxies for some/all traffic

In both cases, I have these running on an always-on server that I use for various projects just like this. It could just as easily be set up to run on a Raspberry Pi or on your local machine.


Firefox vs Chrome

Deciding which browser to use has been a bit of a challenge for me. Many years ago, I was something of an Opera fan, but when Firefox rose to dominance, I moved on and never really looked back. For a while after the release of Chrome, I resisted the change, but eventually Chrome’s rolling release cycle and just sheer speed convinced me to switch. More recently (about two weeks ago), I’ve tried switching back to Firefox. Here’s what I found: