Christmas Tree Leg

This is exactly why I got a 3D printer:

Kids are hard on just about everything. This time around, they managed to lose one of the three legs for their smaller Christmas tree. It’s not the sort of thing that’s particularly easy to find replacements for and even if you can it would probably cost about the same as the entire tree for shipping.

So of course I had to model and 3D print my own!


This was mostly a matter of measuring a few things and eyeballing the rest.

Then extruding it and adding the T-shaped connector that actually does the work.

I was mostly worried that I would have it just a touch too wide or too flimsy and it would break. But (as you can see in the leading picture), it worked great! And it’s even better because it’s bright orange.

I doubt it would work perfectly in any other tree, but it worked great for us. Just goes to show how useful learning a bit of modeling and 3D printing can be!