I love to take things apart and put them back together. It’s one of the reasons I work in computer security for a living. But more recently, the dropping prices of 3D printing and entirely not dropping prices of wood working have led to a few new hobbies. :D

New Baby Shirts!

We’re going to be parents (again)!

Last time around, we made adorable big brother/big sister/little sister shirts with dinosaurs, this time we wanted to go with FLOWERS! It’ll be wonderful.


Board Game Cup

I play … a lot of board games. This year has been hard to do that in person1, but I still get a chance from time to time. Most recently, I played Century: A New World.2

One component I really love that came with that game was a set of four small plastic bowls that hold the various goods (colored wooden cubes). It’s… kind of brilliant. There are a few other games that could use something like that (cough cough Lords of Waterdeep)… and I have a 3D printer. Let’s make some!



3D COVID-19 Ornament

So. This was actually what I originally intended to make when I made the 2d ornaments:

Full 3D coronavirus!

Unfortunately, what I kept getting was something more like this:

No matter how I tweaked the support settings, I could not get the little knobs to print. I even tried printing it in halves, but only half of it came out still. So it goes. Perhaps next year. 1 Eesh that’s a terrible picture too.



2D COVID-19 Ornament

This… has been quite a year. As I’m sure everyone is well aware. But hey, it gave me the perfect chance to make a unique ornament for my mother (she’s always asking) that really represents the year.




Christmas Tree Leg

This is exactly why I got a 3D printer:

Kids are hard on just about everything. This time around, they managed to lose one of the three legs for their smaller Christmas tree. It’s not the sort of thing that’s particularly easy to find replacements for and even if you can it would probably cost about the same as the entire tree for shipping.

So of course I had to model and 3D print my own!



MtG Seperator

Finally getting around to the ‘more of this’ I mentioned.

A little while back, I got a 3D printer (a Creality Ender 3, they’re a really good budget option). It took forever and a day to tune it, but now that it’s working, I’ve been printing various things I’ve found online. One of those things was some 3D Magic the Gathering (MtG) boxes. With those, I really wanted some dividers (like these), but instead of by color, I wanted them by set.

I know, I know.12



Sock and Underwear Drawer

One thing that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time is make more things. To that end, when my family needed a new set of containers to hold socks and underwear and the like, I designed one!

It has been a long time since I’ve used CAD programs, but it’s all starting to come back to me.

It’s actually two seperate halves (helps a bit with the weight) and could be stacked, although we have them side by side.